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Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change Program


  • 15 minutes
  • Booking will be done through a separate site. We will contact you within 24 hrs

Service Description

For some of us Losing weight is hard!!! Why? It’s because our subconscious mind has a coding implemented that follows a narrative that we don’t deserve it or that we are not good enough or our emotions from trauma or past experiences use the food and weight as a tool of control. So, let’s say that we discipline ourselves to achieve weight loss, what happens next is that sabotaging deep subconscious coding which brings us to the hardest part which is keeping the weight off. That’s when things go south. That’s why we yoyo and go back and forth. Thus, the answer to why, is that or old programming, traumas, limiting beliefs, hurts from childhood and deep emotions need to be transformed. They need to be rewired in order to truly change your views and truly love yourself. To change our lifestyle is to heal your deep subconscious definitions as we train our nervous system to live in balance. MIND BODY SOUL all at the same time. This program offers exactly that, a long-term change implemented in our bodies our mind and soul. We will help your physical body lose the excess weight. Dr monitored medicine to help melt away fat and suppress cravings. However, with weekly coaching touching on past experiences, limiting beliefs, childhood hurts, and blockages, we will set a new bar for your mind and energy on how keep your body in shape and balanced in weight from your subconsciousness. With the weekly coaching You will remove the blockage of using food and weight as a tool of addiction and effortlessly follow the new coding in your brain to always be at a healthy weight. You will naturally keep the weight off and continue to make healthy choices and balance your body and life. You will gain true self confidence and all the joy and abundance that comes with it. Each plan includes: Doctor consultation, lab work, weekly injections and follow up with RN, weekly coaching sessions with Maya's Healing Space.

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