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Maya's healing club

A safe space where love & acceptance are abundant. We learn, grow & listen to each other's stories. This group of souls are united! Additionally, Maya invites experts in many fields to embellish our souls. 

Club Meetings are held every month!


HEALING & Meditation

In the Club, we work on healing on all different levels spiritually & emotionally. Through exercises & many forms of meditation you begin to build an arsenal of tools that you can carry in to your life and help you through your healing journey.

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In the Club, we have lots of fun! Every month we have a guest that guides us through activities with a purpose. Here are some of the fun activities we have experience this past year:

- Self Defense

- Crystal Class

- Tantra Class

- Line Dancing

- Belly Dancing

In addition, we celebrate end of year Holidays with pot lucks & parties to commemorate all the work we have accomplished through out the year.



In the Club, we become a community & a network of support for each other.  We have an exclusive Facebook group that you can access for inspiration and share your feelings or ask for help. The bonds that are created here go further & become life long friendships. 

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